Monitoring & Preventative Maintenance

Computers, just like automobiles, require ongoing maintenance to keep them running well. We can monitor the performance of each system and perform periodic preventative maintenance remotely.

How Do We Monitor Your Computers?

A tiny remote monitoring and management (RMM) software agent is installed on each of your computers and servers. This agent securely reports back to our systems in real-time and alerts us of any errors, security vulnerabilities, or failing hardware. The RMM agent also enables our engineers to remotely manage your computer systems and perform maintenance tasks every night.

IT systems monitoring actively alerts us immediately when an outage has occurred. These realtime alerts can reduce the total time of a system outage (by being aware of the outage sooner and having more details on the event). We can also reduce the number of system outages by receiving warnings before the situation gets worse.

What Do We Do?

Here are some common preventative maintenance tasks we perform for you.

  • We keep software at current release levels, which can fix bugs, add features and increase security.
  • Identify issues that may cause an outage before it happens – by checking logs, system alerts and resource usage.
  • Help keep your IT systems compatible with current standards and other IT systems.
  • Allow your systems to perform as they are meant to.
  • Alert us in realtime if a resource is approaching or exceeding reliable levels – including storage capacity and workloads, CPU, bandwidth, queue lengths, and database sizes.
  • Alert us when a resource is unavailable – Email, websites, networks, servers, databases, hosted systems.
  • Alert us if an imminent outage is detected so preventative action can be undertaken.

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