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Technology / IT Support

In today’s fast-paced world, experiencing downtime from your computer or network can lead to loss of work, productivity, and revenue… something no company wants to experience. In a world where our jobs rely on properly functioning IT equipment, receiving reliable, efficient, and cost effective technical support is vital. At CentraTech Solutions, we offer a variety of technology support options for you to choose from.

On-Demand Support

We provide on-site and in-shop service during normal business hours, as needed. Our normal hourly rates for these services are $70/hour for in-shop work and $80/hour for on-site service. Our turnaround times are typically within a few days and often we can provide same-day service at no additional cost. As always, there are never any hidden fees and you will be given an estimated cost to complete the job (including parts and labor) before any work is performed.

On Site

Don't want to worry about disconnecting your computer and lugging it in to our office? No problem. We can come to you instead.

In Shop

For more time consuming jobs, it's often best to drop your device off at our service center. Generally, we can get it back to you in a few days.


The most convenient option of all is remote support. As long as you have a working internet connection, we can connect to your computer from our office. This is great for quick fixes and those, "could you show me how to" questions.

Discounted Service Contracts

Many of our clients need ongoing support on a regular basis or have the occasional big project that may require a significant amount of labor. As an added benefit to them, we offer discounted hourly rates for prepaid blocks of time. Each contract holder is entitled to high priority computer service at the rates listed below. Note that hours do not expire and may be used at any time and the contract guarantees that a technician will begin resolving a problem within two business days of receiving a service request. If this guarantee is not met, the requested service will be completed without using any of the contract holder’s remaining contract hours.

Available Contract Terms

Contract Hourly Rate Total Cost Savings*
15 Hours $70.00 / hr $1,050.00 $ 150.00 (~12% off)
30 Hours $67.50 / hr $2,025.00 $ 375.00 (~15% off)
45 Hours $65.00 / hr $2,925.00 $ 675.00 (~18% off)
60 Hours $62.50 / hr $3,750.00 $1,050.00 (~21% off)
75 Hours $60.00 / hr $4,500.00 $1,500.00 (25% off)

*Savings are based on the normal hourly rate of $80.00 / hour.

Unless otherwise stipulated in the service contract, if the client’s location is outside of our normal service area (15-mile radius from the center of Greensburg), travel time may be deducted as part of each service call’s contractual hours used.

Outsourced IT Department

Every business needs IT support, but sometimes hiring full-time IT staff can be prohibitively expensive. Save money by outsourcing your IT department to us. Our Outsourced IT solution gives you instant access to our entire team of IT professionals at a fraction of the cost of hiring a single employee. We have the expertise to support all of your computing needs, including desktops, servers, network appliances, printers/copiers, and much more. Best of all, we also actively monitor your equipment 24x7 and can solve many issues remotely before they turn into major problems. This plan provides unlimited onsite and offsite support for existing hardware and software, as well as help desk support for your staff.

This option is ideal for companies that have frequent technology needs, and don't want to pay hourly for ongoing support of their existing infrastructure. To ensure that we always meet your needs, we assign a dedicated service technician to you and schedule a recurring site visit. This ensures that we have an ongoing presence at your location and are readily available to your staff. If an emergency occurs, we also guarantee response times within one business day.

The frequency of the on-site visits is completely up to you but will be a factor in determining the monthly cost of this service. Another factor is the number of computers or other devices that we would be supporting. Don’t need someone on site unless there is an emergency? No problem. We can customize a plan to meet your individual needs.

Remote-Only Support

The majority of all IT issues we encounter can be resolved using our advanced remote support software. This enables us to connect to your computer from our office and operate your computer as if we were sitting in front of it. Many of our clients enjoy the convenience of having their problems resolved without ever having to unplug their computer or wait for someone to arrive on site.

Our Remote-Only plans also work well for companies who would like to reduce overall IT support costs or who are out of our onsite service areas. The IT industry has reached the point where most network management and support can be performed from anywhere. From server patching, to helpdesk services, to firmware updates for your firewall, all it takes are some keystrokes from our experienced staff and you’re golden.

While it isn’t best practice to have purely remote support across the board (on-site really is crucial to a comprehensive IT service plan), these kinds of services can greatly reduce IT costs and increase lessen downtime. We provide desktop support and service for any computer, network, application, e-mail, or Internet issue. Whenever you have ANY technology related problem, we are here to help.

We offer a couple of billing options for this service. We can either charge a one-time fee of $40 per incident or a flat monthly rate of $40 per computer for an unlimited number of incidents. We also offer an inexpensive $9.99/month plan that provides support for up to 6 incidents per year. This is usually a good fit for some of our residential clients.

Services Provided

Since the needs of each client can vary widely from one location to the next, each contract is written specifically with those needs in mind. Before creating the contract, a technician will travel to your location to complete an audit of your technology needs and existing infrastructure. This will be used to ensure the contract lists exactly what type of service will, or will not be, covered. If you have specific service requirements, please mention them before the contract is finalized.

Examples of Services Provided

  • Mac & PC Computer Repair*
  • Mac & PC Computer Software Support**
  • Server Maintenance & Configuration
  • Network Infrastructure Maintenance & Support
  • Network Device Repair*
  • Laser Printer/Copier Repair*
  • Help Desk Support
  • Remote Support
  • Website Management
  • Data Backup & Recovery***

*Service only… parts billed separately. **Specific software packages supported will be specified in the contract. ***Additional service charges may apply.

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