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Recycling & Disposal

CentraTech Solutions offers complete recycling services for all of your computer related hardware. Products we are happy to recycle for you include but are not limited to: desktop computers, hard drives, monitors, rechargeable batteries, and laptop computers. Recycled machines will either be used for parts and/or properly disposed of, using the process detailed below. By choosing to recycle your products through us, you are ensuring that any good components do not go to waste and that the remaining parts are recycled or disposed of properly.

Certain recycled items such as Desktops and Laptops may be refurbished and updated, depending on their condition. This helps to get old equipment that normally would have no functionality, back out into the field for years of additional use that they otherwise would not have seen. It is always better to be able to get equipment back in service rather than disposing of it, within reason. Stop into our office during any of our hours to bring in the equipment you are wanting to recycle, no appointment necessary. Our hours can be found at the bottom of any page on our website.

The Recycling Process

Our disposal process starts off with determining whether any part of the product is salvageable. We test the equipment using a variety of tools and methods in order to determine a Pass or Fail result. Most computers have internal and external parts that can be removed and used to repair or improve other machines. The product then has all asset tags, serial numbers, and activation codes removed. Equipment then has a secure data removal on all drives using up-to-date, EPA standard software to securely remove ALL data from your hard drives and other storage devices. We do NOT simply format drives, which has proven over and over to not fully remove data. In the case that the drive has failed, and a software destruction is not feasible, we are able to inflict physical damage to the drive. This ensures that your data will not be recoverable. A Certificate of Destruction is given upon request to ensure that the hard drive has been wiped from the retired equipment and EPA standards have been met.

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