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Custom Built Computers

At CentraTech Solutions, we have the ability to plan out and build a system around the job that you need it to do. Simply describe to us what you will be using the system for and we can help you decide on appropriate hardware to be sure that it will be up to the standards you need it to be. Making sure that the system we are building matches the tasks you will be throwing at it is one of our specialties. If you operate in a business, your Receptionist does not need a machine equivalent to the one your Office Manager would be using, nor would the Office Manager typically need a system as powerful as an Engineer’s.

Our custom systems are affordable, built to last, and operate reliably to be sure you are getting the best value. We stand behind every system we build, offering at least a 1-year warranty with options to purchase an extended warranty and accidental damage plans. Whether you are a consumer or a business, we are confident that we will be able to build the system right for you.

Gaming Systems

Our gaming computers come in all shapes and sizes, spec’d out and tailored to the games you want to play. We can build small, compact systems that you will be able to take with you on the go, systems suited for your living room and TV setup, or even the traditional large, high-end tower for use at a desk. We can get any hardware you may need in stock for you, helping the process stay convenient. Contact us today to begin your gaming computer build!

Professional Workstations

In need of a professional workstation for your home or business office? We have you covered. We can match the tasks you need to perform with the appropriate hardware, ensuring the best value for the performance. We also have access to order high-end workstation grade hardware, helping to cut your cost on pre-built workstations.


Here at CentraTech Solutions, we have the resources to build you anything from a home media server, to a full rack custom tailored for your needs. Contact us if you aren’t sure what type of server system is best for you, we’ll be happy to help you plan it out.

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